About my site

My homepage was established during the years 2000-01 when I followed a course in e-trade.  The main aim with it was to use it as an element in getting a job. That's why I have made some things, which possibly are not necessary only to demonstrate, I'm capable of making them.

On the course I learned about MS-Frontpage, Javascript, theory about e-trade, ASP, MS-office. During February, April and May 2001 I spend 8 weeks at Mercuri Urval for practicing. The practice consisted of en analysis of how their competitors used the web and programming of homepages. I solved the tasks along with my good colleage Henry Lund. We were told, we had done a great job.

Around the end of the course I learned about Stone's Webwriter. I my opinion this programme is by far the best in which to make home pages. That's why I made the decision that my pages in the future should be made with that programme.
From the end of the course until January 2002, I was unable to work with my homepage. My PC was to old. But then I bought a new computer, which made it possible. My homepage got a new design, I deselected old pages and produced quite a few new ones. Have a look at what it looked like in February 2001 here

In August 2002 I succeded in getting a job at the municipal of Silkeborg. Since then I have only made minor changes to my site. Those changes I often make directly from the source code without using an html-editor.

The homepage was hosted by World Online/Tiscali until November 2002, when I moved it to the 'TDC'. In the Summer of 2003, I moved it once again. This time to Web10. Before upload, I changed most the documents to xhtml-standards
Besides I have started learning PHP. Until now I have uploaded a single PHP-page (a hidden counter) to my site. Maybe I will make more, if I get the time to make them.

It is possible to comment my site. If you have any suggestions, please contact me via e-mail here.
Most of my pages are made in W3C-valid xhtml 1.0 Transitional . The rest are made in valid HTML4.01 transitional . Therefore they should work approximately the same across modern browsers. I have tested the site with Internet Explorer 5.5 + 6.0, Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape (almost the same browser with different appearences!) and Opera 6 and Opera 7 (though I dislike it's inconsistent relationship with web standards, my favorite browser!).

My tests seem to prove the point about cross-browser validity. I have only tested my site on a Windows platform, so if you are browsing my site on a Mac or a Linux platform, please give me some feed-back.