Links to sites, I often visit. (Most pages are in Danish)
Link to Silkeborg Kommune Silkeborg KommuneMy latest place of work
Link to Mercuri Urval Denmark Mercuri UrvalMy former practice place
Link to Økologisk Landsforening Økologisk LandsforeningMy former place of work
Link to KMD KMD, the former KommunedataA lot of useful information
Link to eksperten Eksperten, a forum with questions and answers within ITYou can usually find an answer/get a reply on those computing-challenges, you work with
Link to, a place, I use when I need written scriptsYou can always find them there
Link to the W3C World Wide Web Consortium. The organ, that sets the standards for what code a browser should be able to handleImportant for controlling if the web, you make is standard compliant
Link to Computerworld Online Denmark Computerworld OnlineUseful news about development within IT and the Internet
Link to Com On Com OnUseful news about development within IT and the Internet.
Link to DOF-Århus Amt DOF-Århus Amt (County of Aarhus) Local department Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (Bird Life International), Århus Amt
Link to DOF-Danmark DOF-Danmark DOF nationwide
Link to netfugl Netfugl All a "field birder" needs
Link to DOFbasen DOFbasen The web based database to which I upload all my important bird records
Link to djøf DJØF The Danish Lawyer - and Economists Union
Link to BBC Sport BBC Sport Results and tables from British football
Link to Leonard Cohen The official homepage about Leonard Cohen My favorite poet RIP